DREAM 7 Post-Mortem: Bad Ratings, Good Bouts, and Big Bet winnings!

DREAM 7 wasn’t exactly the epitome of an entertaining Japanese card that would attract casual fans, but it did produce some interesting matchups in the Featherweight Grand Prix. The ratings, according to Japan-MMA.com, were a miserable. 2.4% with Aoki vs. Gardner pushing a 4%, which is apparently not good at all. Lacking some star power in “Kid’ Yamamoto probably hurt the television ratings, so I expect some better rating in the next FW GP round.

Overall, DREAM 7 did produce some interesting style matchups that were fairly even and pretty tough to pick. Most casual fans love a one-sided crushing, but these even matchups were exactly what I liked about the matchmaking at this event. It probably wasn’t the best thing in order to produce ratings though. Let’s take a look at what happened at DREAM 7.

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UFC 84 Recap by Jack Hansen

In case you were one of the few MMA fans on the planet that didn’t catch last night’s UFC event, fellow MMA fanatic Michael Hans has provided some guest commentary for The Punch. His thoughts on UFC 84 (FYI, I wholeheartedly agree with points number 1 and 4):

1) Loved the Penn fight. He dominated and I would like to see him rule the lightweights for years to come. I know why he wants to fight GSP, but that’s for personal, not professional reasons. He wants to beat the one guy who is a true challenge for him and avenge his lost to George. If he stopped and looked at it from a professional standpoint, he should stay at 155 and have three to four title defenses a year. Read more “UFC 84 Recap by Jack Hansen”

Ultimate Fight Night 15 Preview

My friend Jonny T offered his seasoned MMA opinion on three fights for tomorrow night’s UFC Ultimate Fight Night installment 15.

Read his analysis below:

Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer

Josh Neer is a tough Militech Fighter with good hands and a solid ground game. He has submitted some very dangerous fighters in Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard. Unfortunately, has been decisioned by the bigger breed of fighters such as Josh Burkman. This has ultimately led to sliding down into the Lightweight division where BJ Penn is king (if he can stay away from the buffet). Read more “Ultimate Fight Night 15 Preview”

EliteXC Fight Predictions

This Saturday night will be CBS third free showing of Elite XC. This organization is $55 million in the red after only two years of existence leaving the UFC to eventually wait the opposing organization to finally implode. Dana White will patiently await Elite XCs down fall and scoop up the cream of the crop, ultimately absorbing them into this sports future mega-empire. Nonetheless, we get to see a free night of fights, so here we go:

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UFC 96 Post-Mortem Analysis: “Rampage” defeats Jardine, Carwin upsets Gonzaga

UFC 96 wasn’t the most prestigious event on paper leading into Saturday evening in Columbus, Ohio, but it did manage to produce some exciting bouts. We now have a clearer picture of the Heavyweight division’s upper-echelon talent, as well as what the potential is for the Light Heavyweight division title. Let’s take a look at Saturday’s action and what to expect in the future from the outcomes.

“Rampage” Jackson vs. Keith Jardine

Definitely a great scrap by both fighters. I scored this matchup 29-28 Jackson, but could definitely see a 30-27 score for Jackson as well. I wasn’t sure what all the hoopla was about the judge telling Jardine that he lost the fight in the last 10 seconds as I thought it was evident that Jackson won the bout, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.

Jackson made Jardine pay when he threw leg kicks, and the gameplan of using his range wasn’t very effective considering Jackson would move to strike when Jardine planted his feet to strike from distance. For most of the fight, Jackson was the aggressor, and Jardine tried to use his awkward style to counter.

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