Japanese Lightweights Getting No Love from MMA Landscape

Cory Brady over at FiveOuncesOfPain.com has one of the most absurd articles I’ve read in quite some time that screams the sentiments that I’ve had about the overall MMA fanbase to this day. It lacks depth, knowledge, and the voice of the hardcore fan. It isn’t just blogs like FiveOuncesOfPain either or writers like Cory Brady, it’s the overall direction that the MMA blogosphere has pushed itself… to the Zuffa side.

No matter what the reasoning may be… more hits, more Google searches for UFC, the fact that people associate MMA with “Ultimate Fighting”, whatever you may want to push as the reason why the Japanese MMA scene gets no love from some of the biggest MMA blogs on the Internet, it’s clear that some of these writers need to take a historical course on Japanese MMA. More importantly, they need to stop the pro-UFC stance and give the fans of MMA a fair shake at all the action.  Read more “Japanese Lightweights Getting No Love from MMA Landscape”

How Enhanced is Professional MMA?

Professional MMA with steroidsImagine being a professional race car driver and you race with an illegal engine.

Imagine what that feels like to go flying through the straightaway and turn and after turn leaving your competition in the dust.

Would that essentially be considered a form of cheating? Most would agree that yes, in fact, that would be cheating. Why is it that in several sports from professional baseball to wrestling to football, steroid use is common?

If one is a professional athlete are they not to be considered better than the average Joe? Better naturally at their sport, indeed if anyone took a form of enhancement drug they too could become the next all-American Olympian, correct?

Whether you agree with steroid use or not, is not the issue that is causing so much grief in professional sports currently, the pressing debate is over steroid use in the world of professional mixed martial arts.While you may be pondering what is so unique regarding steroid use and professional sports, when you look deeper into the world of MMA you quickly realize there are some serious differences between MMA and baseball.

For example, MMA is not a point-fighting sport, not a sport for the weak at heart and without a doubt, not a sport for those afraid to get injured. It is full contact every second of every round, making it one of the most dangerous professional sports ever televised.

While a fighter’s skill level and previous training will certainly play a role in the fights, having a killer attitude can and has won several fights over competitors that are far more skilled on paper. It is the fierce demeanor that one can contract from taking steroids that can achieve such a fighting attitude to help increase their drive and their endurance during a fight.  Read more “How Enhanced is Professional MMA?”

Referees Under Fire Once Again in The Aftermatch of UFC’96

It has happened once again, a referee’s judgment has been put into question, and the UFC’s Dana White isn’t too pleased with the outcome.

The controversial stoppage to the Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson bout can be seen in this week’s latest UFC 96 Dana White Video Blog. In the blog and from what I’ve read from the play-by-play’s, the referee stopped the fight after Riley was put down from a solid punch by Nelson, but was visibly on his back defending strikes from Nelson and was fully in control of all his actions. It looked like a standard exchange between a guy in guard and a guy looking to stay out of guard and pound his way to victory. The fight was suddenly stopped.  Read more “Referees Under Fire Once Again in The Aftermatch of UFC’96”

UFC Matchup Talk: Bonnar vs Coleman, Tibau vs Stephens, more…

The UFC has been a busy bee this week in setting up some bouts for their future events heading into mid-2009. Stephan Bonnar and Mark Coleman are rumored to be currently in talks to step into the Octagon at UFC 100 while Gleison Tibau has replaced an injured Efrian Escudero to take on Jeremy Stephens at UFN 18.

Bonnar’s status as being one of the pioneer fighters that brought the UFC to where it is today with his fantastic slugfest bout with Forrest Griffin in the inaugural season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and the legendary status of Mark Coleman as a pioneer in the sport, the art of ground and pound, and the first UFC heavyweight champion definitely adds a historical feel to this bout.  Read more “UFC Matchup Talk: Bonnar vs Coleman, Tibau vs Stephens, more…”