EliteXC Fight Predictions

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This Saturday night will be CBS third free showing of Elite XC. This organization is $55 million in the red after only two years of existence leaving the UFC to eventually wait the opposing organization to finally implode. Dana White will patiently await Elite XCs down fall and scoop up the cream of the crop, ultimately absorbing them into this sports future mega-empire. Nonetheless, we get to see a free night of fights, so here we go:

Fight #1 – Ninja Rua vs. Benji Radach

Ninja Rua is coming off of a brutal KO of Robbie Lawler and is trying to move back into a title shot against the former IFL star Benji Radach. In this situation, Radach will dominate with the Brawl and Sprawl technique that has become so popular with wrestlers that have developed good hands. Rua has improved his stand up, but it clearly is not his main offensive weapon. His main goal is to take the fight to the ground and apply his Jiu-Jitsu. Radach will grind out a win by keeping the fight on their feet and outscoring Rua. Radach by decision.

Fight #2 – Jake Shields vs. Paul Daley

Shields has been on a tear as of late and in my opinion is one of the top 5 welterweights in the world. Daley is outgunned on his feet and on the ground. Shields will take the fight to the ground and will quickly mount and submit the outclassed Daley. Shields in the 1st by submission.

Fight #3 – Gina Carano vs. Kobald-Gavin

This will be a fun fight. Carano is obviously the attraction here, but Kobald is 16-2 with a laundry list of submission and KOs. Kobald will test Carano on the ground and will test her Xtreme Couture influence. Carano is a tough, explosive, and gritty fighter that will eventually weather the ground attack of Kobald and will overwhelm Kobald in the later rounds. Carano by TKO late in the 2nd.

Fight #4 – Andre Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson

Andre Arlovski is used to seeing much more athletic heavyweights in the UFC and although Nelson is a tough and durable fighter, Arlovskis hands and feet are too fast and too quick for Nelson to close the space. This will leave Nelson exposed to Arlovskis standup game and this one won’t make it out of the 1st round. Arlovski by TKO late in the 1st.

Fight #5 – Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice

This is a fight that I wish wouldn’t happen. As a nostalgic MMA fan, I have great memories of our sport’s pioneers and want to see them as trail blazers of a growing super-sport. I hate the fact that Elite XC is using Shamrock’s star power to boost ratings of their free-falling company and at the same time using him as a sacrificial lamb to Kimbo Slice in order to boost his KO record.

This fight has the possibility of not only knocking out the MMA legend, but has a good risk of hurting Shamrock in a devastating fashion. If Ken can close the space quickly and take the fight to the ground, then he greatly increases his chances to close the fight with a submission. He needs to end this fight FAST!

Don’t dick around with any ground-n-pound or feeling him out on their feet, because Kimbo hits far too hard to leave at risk. I see Shamrock tying up with Slice and being unsuccessful in his take-down attempts leaving him with no alternative to stay in the pocket attempting to trade punches.

This will result in a very ugly KO leaving images of Ken battered and beaten. This scenario will parallel the Ali vs Holmes fight, leaving the MMA community asking why Shamrock hasn’t moved on with his professional career.

We as fans and as critics only wish that he would branch out into other faucets of the MMA business instead of becoming the Roberto Duran of MMA. My money is on Kimbo, but I’ll be cheering for Shamrock and will happily eat crow if Shamrock pulls the upset off and I hope he does it with a beautiful leg lock (via heel hook, ankle lock, knee bar, etc.).