MMAHeadliner Interview with Bryan Fielder

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MMAHeadliner: You had a quick submission victory tonight, was that the game plan to take him down and work your ground game?

Bryan Fielder: I really wanted to strike if given the chance. He is a brawler and I thought it would stay standing longer than it did. After his first punch he slipped a little and I saw an opening and instinctively took it to the ground. From there I worked my ground game and got a submission as I expected I would. After I locked in that guillotine I didn’t want to use up too much energy that early but I heard him gurgling so I really wanted to put him out. It’s nice to make someone cry uncle and I have a lot of submission finishes, but I am really always gunning for a KO or TKO to excite the crowd, I just want the fans to be happy with my fights.

MMAHeadliner: Tell us how your training has been going?

Bryan Fielder: I am currently training at Duneland Vale Tudo and everyone in our gym is improving dramatically. Darren Elkins helps me with my wrestling and Mark Burch is my boxing coach. He is retired now so it’s nice to have him around as often as we do. Of course Keith and Justin area always helping me improve my game. I train cardio really hard all the time so making weight is really easy for me; I always stay in really good shape and it makes it so that I can be really fresh during fights and not cut so much weight that I am drained.

MMAHeadliner: You have been battling some health issues over the past two years, are you fully healthy now?

Bryan Fielder: Yeah I had a kidney failure that really drained me and it took awhile to get to 100%. I feel great now and I am really ready to train hard and fight a lot more often. You expect to get injured training occasionally but the issues I had took a lot out of me and I’m really glad to be at full strength again.

MMAHeadliner: Your original opponent for tonight wasn’t allowed to fight because of issues passing his physical. There was an article in the local paper where he said you were scared to fight him and were ducking him. Any comments on that?

Bryan Fielder: That article was crap. Seriously, what is that guy like 1-3? Maybe he should improve his record before he starts calling people out and saying people are ducking him. He lied a lot in that article and said I backed out and we wouldn’t let him fight, but really he couldn’t provide valid blood tests. Now I didn’t want to fight someone who can’t pass a blood test and he was saying I was scared. If you can’t prove you don’t have diseases then people aren’t going to be willing to fight you. He’ll really have to prove he’s clean now because if we did fight now I would make him bleed all over the place. It was really a lot of lies and it was a poor representation of the truth to make him look like the victim. I would gladly submit him if he can come up with a valid blood test. (laughs)

MMAHeadliner: What does the future hold for you in MMA?

Bryan Fielder: I’d like to fight 3-4 more times by the end of 2010. I am starting a nursing program in May and want to focus on school too which makes training like I know I should tough. Once I finish school I would like to train as much as I can and make it to some really big shows and put all my focus on my training. If I train hard I know that my coaches and my skills can really take me far in MMA.

MMAHeadliner: Anyone in particular you want to fight?

Bryan Fielder: Jim McCarvel is a tough guy and I would love to submit him. I think I would stand with him until he had enough and he wanted to take it to the ground which is where I would finish him. He is a highly regarded local fighter, but I think he is a little overrated. It would also be a great fight for me to step up and fight Mike Cannon. He is one of the best young guys around and I think he would push me to fight my very best. I’d have to work on my wrestling before I fought him and I don’t think I could finish him, but he couldn’t finish me either. It would be a really tough fight and I think with my cardio I would outlast him in a decision.

MMAHeadliner: What was your toughest fight?

Bryan Fielder: Definitely Billy Stamp at the Total Fight Challenge on Sept. 15, 2007. It was a 3 round war and we both got the shit kicked out of us. People came up to me saying that was the best fight of the night and the best they had seen me fight even though I lost the decision. I had a lot of opportunities, but I just couldn’t finish him because he’s a warrior. He landed some shots on me that really made me cringe and I hit him as hard as I’ve ever hit anyone. I was hurt for like a week and a half after that fight. Man it was a war.

MMAHeadliner: Anyone you would like to thank?

Bryan Fielder: All my sponsors of course: LA Boxing, Blythe’s Sports Shop, The Local USW 5133, Sole Effigy, Aztec Tan, Edward Anthony’s SPA, and of course