Are Online Slots Random?

Slots are by far the most popular type of game that you will find in the lobby of an online casino. There are several reasons why players love playing slots. First, it does not require having any special skill, and it is also fun to play. Aside from that, online video slots often offer huge payouts, and their betting limits are flexible. But if you see the gameplay of a video slot, you will realise that not every spin of the game makes a win. Does this mean that they are random? In this article, we will answer this question in detail and explain all the crucial things you should know when it comes to playing video slots. Visit to learn about the best online casinos.

Slots and Random Number Generator

If you are used to playing online slots, then you may have come across the term Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a mathematical algorithm that is used in virtual casino games and the function is simply to randomise the outcome of the game so that every player has the same winning chance. The way an RNG works is unique. It generates millions of number combinations within a fraction of a second, and these combinations are used to decide what the outcome of the game will be. The good thing about RNG is that a previous outcome of a game does not determine what will be the next outcome of the game. Thus, this makes online video slots completely random.

Hit Frequency in Slots

Not what we've established the fact that the outcomes of online slots are completely random, how do you know the winning frequency of the game. Well, every online slot comes with what is called a Hit Frequency. This simply refers to the percentage of wins you can expect in the game. For instance, a video slot can come with a 40% hit frequency. This means that for every 100 spins in the game, you can expect to hit 40 wins. However, you should be aware that hit frequency is a theoretical value so it might not be accurate for every game. However, the higher it is, the better it is for you as a player as you get to win more.

Online Video Slots and RTP

Another essential thing you need to know about online video slot is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This is defined as the percentage of the total bets which all players place on a particular game over a long time and that they will get back as winnings eventually. For example, a video slot may come with a 97% RTP. If all the amount wagered on this game is $100, then the amount that players can expect back as winnings, in the long run, is $97. The difference in the amount wagered and the RTP is referred to as the house edge, and this is the money that goes to the casino as profit for the game. Thus, in this example, the house edge is $3.

The Volatility of Video Slots

Volatility in video slots is defined as the level of risk associated with playing the game. In general, there are three categories of volatility - high, low and medium. A high volatility slot comes with a high risk. But the upside is that the returns are usually high as well. Many progressive jackpot slots that pay millions are usually high volatility games. As for low volatility slots, they have lower risks with lower returns. They are suitable for beginners as they usually offer frequent small wins. Medium volatility slots, however, are somewhere in between the high and low volatility level. When deciding which slot to play, we recommend that you should read reviews about it to know the RTP, volatility, hit frequency and in-game bonus features available in the game.